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Yamaha motorcycle modelsYearSpecs
Yamaha Serow 225 WE2002Specs
Yamaha SR 1251997Specs
Yamaha SR 1251998Specs
Yamaha SR 1252001Specs
Yamaha SR 250 SE1982Specs
Yamaha SR 250 SE1983Specs
Yamaha SR 250 Special1981Specs
Yamaha SR 250 Special (reduced effect)1981Specs
Yamaha SR 250 US. Custom1980Specs
Yamaha SR 4002002Specs
Yamaha SR 5001978Specs
Yamaha SR 5001983Specs
Yamaha SR 5001984Specs
Yamaha SR 5001985Specs
Yamaha SR 5001986Specs
Yamaha SR 5001987Specs
Yamaha SR 5001988Specs
Yamaha SR 5001992Specs
Yamaha SR 5001993Specs
Yamaha SR 5001994Specs
Yamaha SR 5001995Specs
Yamaha SR 5001997Specs
Yamaha SR 5001998Specs
Yamaha SR 5001999Specs
Yamaha SR 500 (reduced effect)1985Specs
Yamaha SR 500 G1982Specs
Yamaha SR 500 G (cast wheels)1979Specs
Yamaha SR 500 G (cast wheels)1980Specs
Yamaha SR 500 G (cast wheels)1981Specs
Yamaha SR 500 S1982Specs
Yamaha SR 500 S1989Specs
Yamaha SR 500 S1990Specs
Yamaha SR 500 S1991Specs
Yamaha SR 500 S (spoked wheels)1979Specs
Yamaha SR 500 S (spoked wheels)1980Specs
Yamaha SR 500 S (spoked wheels)1981Specs
Yamaha SR 500 T1989Specs
Yamaha SR 500 T1990Specs
Yamaha SR 500 T1991Specs
Yamaha SRX 61986Specs
Yamaha SRX 61987Specs
Yamaha SRX 61988Specs
Yamaha SRX 61989Specs
Yamaha SRX 61990Specs
Yamaha SRX 6 (reduced effect)1986Specs
Yamaha SRX 6 (reduced effect)1987Specs
Yamaha SRX 6 (reduced effect)1988Specs
Yamaha SRX 6 (reduced effect)1989Specs
Yamaha SRX 6 (reduced effect)1990Specs
Yamaha ST 1251998Specs
Yamaha SZR 6601996Specs
Yamaha SZR 6601997Specs
Yamaha SZR 6601998Specs

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